Ministry with Portfolio

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Jun 132012

It’s an odd heading, and the content may be equally odd for those who are not Quakers.  If you google “Quaker Ministry” you may find helpful sites. My concern is that, at least in the Meeting I usually go to, there is an insistence that it is not appropriate to turn up at Sunday Meeting […]

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The Baggage

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Jun 132012

What sort of baggage do we have? Old injuries and resentments which should have been forgiven and forgotten. Old triumphs and delights which should have been used to establish new triumphs, not just as laurels to rest on. Cosmetics to prepare a face to meet the faces that I meet.  Gloss and glitter to avoid […]

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A Handbag!!??

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Jun 132012

I remember a boss I once had whose idea of a team meeting was to lecture us for a solid two hours with no opportunities for replies or comments.  As I was leaving one of these sessions one of the team spoke to me. “You know what his problem is, Robin?  He has a mind […]

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A Pilgrimage

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Jun 132012

I have decided to go on a pilgrimage.  However, because I am a cumbersome and physically lazy man, I intend to go on a virtual pilgimage.  It takes less effort than walking to Rome on bare feet and it is less risky than going to Jerusalem. But I do intend to make an effort. I […]

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Planning is bad for the soul

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Jan 132012

When I started the sixth form (senior high school in the States?) we had an initial pep-talk from the Headmaster.  (He was a good, but rather formidable man called Mr Orchard.)  He told us how to gain from the greater freedom of senior school. One of his points has stayed with me for fifty years: […]

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