Jun 132012

I have decided to go on a pilgrimage.  However, because I am a cumbersome and physically lazy man, I intend to go on a virtual pilgimage.  It takes less effort than walking to Rome on bare feet and it is less risky than going to Jerusalem.

But I do intend to make an effort.

I think the pilgrimage will have four stages.

1 – HERMIT the FROG.  One of my besetting sins is my tendency to be alone, not to seek help or fellowship.  I understand the processes that led me to this state.  I’m alone and isolated.  But I’ve had many years to get used to isolation.  It has its comforts.  I like it.

2 – THE STATIC PILGRIM.  At first I will be a pilgrim who isn’t changing very much.  He’s just trying to work out what changes might be needed, or desirable.  He also needs to decide what to pack for the journey.  (See “Baggage”.)

3 – THE EX-STATIC PILGRIM.  Once I’ve worked out some basics and got a sense of direction I can get moving and change.  I will no longer be static, I’ll be ex-static.

4 – THE ECSTATIC PILGRIM.  Then, as I start to make progress, I will become stronger and more capable.  Eventually I will reach the holy place I search for, or at least get near to it.  And that will be ecstasy.

Robin W. Ahlgren

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