The Beautiful Book


I wrote a book filled from cover to cover with beautiful pictures of infinity, yet it’s a very short book.  You can buy a copy for £15.00 (free p&p in the UK, £3.50 p&p for the USA) by sending an email to

But then, once the book began to sell, I thought of a host of other things to make a website beautiful.  It will take time for me to sort these ideas out and include them on the site.

Robin W. Ahlgren

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  1. I was shown this book at our Quaker meeting this morning and immediately asked to borrow it.
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and was intrigued/ overwhelmed by the beautiful pictures.
    I would like to order some copies to surprise others.
    Please tell me how to order and get 5 copies sent to Botswana.
    Thanks and regards.

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