Nov 212011

Why am I so determined to make awareness the goal of life?  Well, here are two reasons.

The first reason is that it is the feature that sets people apart from animals.  A lion or a dolphin may be clever and resourceful and, of course, superbly equipped to do what they do, but are they aware of that?

It’s possible for dolphins, perhaps.  We haven’t decoded their chirps and squeaks.  But even if they are aware of their world, their awareness is limited.  Unlike us, they have neither a microscope nor a telescope (two instruments of almost equal hope) let alone a large hadron collider.  So it seems very unlikely that they are aware of synapses and viruses, or quarks and  neutrinos, or galaxies and supernovae.

(Mind you, we don’t know what awareness is impossible for us due to our physical limitations.  We may be missing out on all sorts of dolphinesque treats.)

But if our wide awareness is our unique feature maybe we should develop it as much as we can.

Robin W. Ahlgren

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