Aug 092011

I have a second reason for thinking about Chondritics.  I live  in a stable society (one of the affluent bits of the Naughty North of England) and I appreciate that stability.

I don’t think stability is widespread – it may be taken for granted in England, but in many parts of the world stability has been absent for generations.  And even in England, the Queen’s Peace seems a fragile thing at times.  (As I write, London is clearing up after widespread riots.)

Quakers, like any other value-based community, need stability for long term survival.  Just as we need a system to decide ‘who will shovel the shit’, we need a way of responding to people who use violence and intimidation to run the world.

Do we defend ourselves – like the monks who developed Judo?

Do we rely on others, who may have unacceptable ways and standards?

Do we trust to the spirit and hope a peaceful approach will earn respect and foster survival?

Do we simply accept that, in a turbulent world, a non-violent approach will be risky?

Robin W. Ahlgren

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